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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Stephon Marbury, the Humanitarian?

So I was listening to Tony Bruno this morning on the way to work and they had Stephon Marbury on... Now, normally, I can't stand the guy... I think he's a ball hog, bad shot and just not that great of a player...

But, as I was listening, he was talking about his new shoe line, the Starbury1... Now, a player talking about his shoe line is about as exciting as an actor discussing politics, but this was different... Why, you ask? Because his shoe sells for 15 BUCKS!!! Now, I haven't seen it in person (I'm sure few have), but he says that not only is it just as good as the shoes Nike sells for $100 (remains to be seen), but he says he is actually going to wear them for games...

Maybe he just couldn't get a new shoe contract... Maybe this is just a PR move... It's not April Fools day, so it can't be that... No matter what, though, I've got to give the guy credit for lending his name to a product that inner city kids will not only want, but something they can afford... For a guy who gets so much negative press, you gotta give him props when he deserves them... Now, where are those Terrell Owens $2 footballs?

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