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Thursday, August 10, 2006

New feature: Awesome Athletes We May Have Forgotten: Dave Stewart

So, how many of you remember Dave Stewart? OK, to be fair, only baseball fans will probably know him... But if you remember baseball in the late 80s, he was one of the dominant pitchers, day after day, year after year, consistent as hell for 5 years... And every year, he and the A's would come up against Roger Clemens and the Red Sox in the playoffs... And he'd always kick Roger Clemens' ass! He was career 7-1 against Roger Clemens, who everyone now thinks is one of the greatest ever! Roger had a famous meltdown against Dave when we screamed at the ump in the first inning and got thrown out... So, if for nothing else but his complete mastery of Roger Clemens, we should spend some time thinking how awesome Dave Stewart was...

Dave Stewart (baseball player) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

P.S. You know the sad thing? When I went to Google and did an image search on Dave Stewart for this article, he didn't even come up til the 2nd page... That dude from the Eurythmics is first... What kind of world is this?


Drungo Hazewood said...

Remember the time he got arrested with a transvestite hooker in the mid-80's? Groundsbreaking stuff and way before Eddie Murphy made it trendy.

Josh Q. Public said...

ya, and he had that pitched voice that didnt quite fit, kind of like bruce smith or mike tyson