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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Spider-Man's First Appearance Spotted in Old TV Show

Someone watches TV very closely... This guy was watching an old episode of a show called "Naked City" and saw a scene in a comic shop... He zoomed in and lo and behold, there was an issue of Amazing Fantasy #15 behind the actors (the first appearance of Spider-Man for those of you who don't know)... Excelsior!

Spidey spotted in Naked City

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Black Sheep

Now this looks like a good movie... Get Ready... For The Violence... Of The Lambs...

Friday, January 05, 2007

10 Lamest Superheroes Ever

As compiled by PopCultureAddict, the 10 lamest superheroes ever... Although I have only read comics with a few of these guys in them, they definitely seem lame... The one above is the best... Arm Fall Off Boy... Who wouldnt want to be able to pull of your arm and beat people with it... On second though, maybe I'd like to pull off other people's arms and beat them with it instead...

10 Lamest Super Heroes

Smallest Countries in the World

Here are the 5 smallest countries in the world... Nauru is my favorite (pictured above)... How awesome must it be to live in a country where your whole GDP comes from Bat and Bird Droppings? Pretty awesome!

5 Smallest Countries

Every Home Video Game System Ever!

See the evolution of home video games in pictures... It's really interesting how different all the early controllers were from what finally evolved... Who here had Pong?

Video Game Evolution