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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Morning After Pill - There's Good News and Bad News

So, this pill, which has been legal in Europe forever, was finally made over-the-counter in the US... But you have to read between the lines into the details to really know what's going on.

The Good News:
- The pill is legal as an over-the-counter medication (so it should be easier to get, thus reducing the number of girls needing abortions)

The Bad News:
- The right-wing has gotten a hold of a lot of people and besides having hung this up in the FDA for years, they have limited it to 18 year olds and above
- It has to be kept behind the counter, adding an embarassment factor (and the ability for some pharmacists to refuse to sell it because of personal beliefs)
- Wal-Mart is not going to carry it, thus limiting the ability for a large percentage of our country to get to it (probably the same people who would have a hard time getting to an abortion clinic)

We need to keep pushing for wide(r) access to this stuff...

FDA OKs wider access for Barr "morning-after" pill - Yahoo! News

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