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Monday, August 21, 2006

Awesome Athletes We May Have Forgotten - John Taylor

So, another week and another Awesome Athlete We May Have Forgotten! Now, I'm from No Cal, so I'm going to be picking another No Cal player, but I'm going to open this up and be pulling from other areas as well... But I want to shine the light on those athletes I loved growing up who just aren't appreciate enough... Feel free to send other suggestions that fit... They don't have to have had super-long careers, or even have been the best at any one time, but should not be a HOFer or the like... Gimme some suggestions and we'll run with them...

So who's the AAWMHF of the week? John Taylor, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers. Now, John Taylor had a few things working against him:
1) He was very quiet and rarely talked to the media
2) His career was not that long
3) He played across from some guy named Jerry Rice, who (deservedly) got most of the spotlight

Now, why does John Taylor deserve AAWHMF status? Cuz he was Awesome! He could take a short pass and turn it into a 70 yard reception, or, as he did one night against the Rams (on Monday Night Football no less), he turned two 5-yard passes in 90 yard receptions, becoming the only person in the history of the NFL to have two 90 yard touchdowns in one game (I'm not even sure if anyone else has two in their career)! Unfortunately, noone has uploaded that video to YouTube yet, but here's a very similar catch he made against the Eagles:

But, the high point of JT's career was the touchdown at the end of the 49ers amazing drive in Super Bowl XXIII, in 1988, against the Bengals. Jerry Rice owned that game, but JT made the winning catch. Relive the moment here:

Unfortunately, JT's career was cut a bit short by injuries and the like, but he had some great seasons, including a couple 1000 yard seasons and a place in

49ers lore. So, here's to John Taylor in all his awesomeness!

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