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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Finally, a "Descent" Horror Movie for the Ladies...

Just came back from seeing "The Descent" (yes the title is supposed to be a play on words - decent/descent get it?). Anyways, this movie is scary... A couple S*** your pants moments, and a lot of lot of blood (think Dario Argento-style blood), but not gratuitous... A group of daredevil women decide to go caving... What they don't know is that their friend took them to an uncharted cave and there's bad stuff in there... Claustrophobic, dark and scary, well worth your time if you like the scary movies... However, if you go see it, come back here and view the original UK ending (don't bother watching the end if you haven't seen the movie as it won't make any sense):

YouTube - UK Ending

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