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Thursday, September 21, 2006

French and German remakes of the BBC's Office

I love the show The Office... I loved the British version and I love the US version... What I didnt know was that there are also French and German versions... Who knew? This article discusses why they chose to have their own versions too, and how each shows its country's own national identity and attitude towards work...

This is a good summary: "In the British version, nobody is working, nobody has a happy relationship, everyone looks terrible, and everybody is depressed. In the French version, nobody is working but even the idiots look good, and everybody seems possessed of an intriguing private life. In the German version, actual work is visibly being done, most of the staff is coupled up, and the workers never stop eating and drinking—treating the office like a kitchen with desks." And the American version? Well, I think we all know how that one works...

French and German remakes of the BBC's Office. By Liesl Schillinger - Slate Magazine

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