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Monday, October 01, 2007

Radiohead is no doubt the coolest band ever...

I've always loved Radiohead's music, but this is the best... Not only did they just complete an album, but they announced that it's releasing in 10 days... The aren't signed with a record label (nor do they need to be) and they've decided to give a big middle finger to the whole record industry... How are they doing that? Easy... They're letting you choose what you want to pay for their new album (in download version)... It it worth $15 to you? Pay $15... Only worth $5? Pay $5... Not sure what its worth? Pay nothing, listen to it, then come back and pay later (or don't pay anything if you don't like it)... It's a pretty amazing move by an amazing band and hopefully other bands will follow suit (I could see someone like Pearl Jam doing this as well)... Not available thru iTunes or anywhere except their own website... This is huge!

LAist: The Greatest News In the History Of the World!!!

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